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Celebrating 5 Years of Marshall Beer

It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years since Tulsa was gifted with its first modern craft brewery. While other breweries have popped up amongst the fruited plains of Oklahoma over the past couple of years, the pioneers at Marshall Brewing have stood out by offering some of the most flavorful and interesting brews in the entire region. In celebration of Marshall’s fifth year, an entire week of exciting Marshall themed events have been planned. This includes a beer dinner at R Bar & Grill on Thursday May 16th and an “open house” of the brewery on Friday May 17th.

The real treat though will be this Saturday (May 18th) as the fifth anniversary party kicks into full gear. In the midst of the Blue Dome District, which will be hosting their ever expanding Blue Dome Arts Festival, Marshall will be setting up a tent and serving a number of small batch specialty beers. The tent will be located in front of McNellie’s Pub (the first location to ever commercially serve a Marshall beer) and the beer will begin flowing at 2 in the afternoon.

With the Blue Dome Arts Festival, Mayfest and Marshall’s five year anniversary party all taking place in downtown Tulsa this weekend, T-Town will be hopping. To check out the full line up of beers that Marshall will be serving on Saturday, head on over to Marshall’s official website.

An imperial red ale aged in bourbon barrels. Yes, please.

An imperial red ale aged in bourbon barrels. Yes, please.

To find out about the events taking place at Mayfest, which is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Blue Dome District, head on over to their website. http://www.tulsamayfest.org

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