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Nelson’s Blood

February 27, 2012 Leave a comment

On Valentine’s Day earlier this month, I picked up a bottle of rather cheap champagne to serve before, during and after dinner. Seeing as how my fascination with mixing drinks is still in its fever pitch stages, I took this opportunity to try out a few cocktails that I’ve never had the chance to taste before. While scouring the internet for interesting recipes, I came across something that was, if anything, interestingly named. The recipe for Nelson’s Blood was simple, champagne topped off with tawny port, but the taste was better than I would have ever expected. Luckily, I just so happened to have a bottle of Christian Brothers Port on hand. The initial opening of that bottle of port was the first time I’ve ever actually tasted this particular type of fortified wine. I’m not sure this goes for all brands, but the port I had on hand was a bit too sweet to drink by itself. Adding some brandy to the port, per suggestions from a number of sources, tempered the sweetness a bit; but it was adding it to a glass of sparkling wine that became by favorite port cocktail of all.

Two wines, a flute and a lot of bubbles.

Nelson’s Blood


4 parts champagne or sparkling wine
1 part ruby port
Pour champagne into a champagne flute, top off with port.

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